Infinite Complaints About Infinite Campus


Sean Fuchs, Staff Writer

The new grading system, “Infinite Campus” has been widely controversial. Many people have resisted the new system while others have tried to embrace it. Many students have shared their opinions on the pros and cons of Infinite Campus 

“There are no benefits to infinite campus, even teachers do not like it,” said Maya Showell (11).

Maya was correct that some of the teachers have had issues with the new system. One teacher, Ms. Friedman, commented, “There was definitely a learning curve and some frustration at the beginning of the year, but we can ultimately do more with Infinite Campus than home access.”

Though students and teachers seemingly are not the only ones that have endured issues due to the new system. Some parents have commented on the new information layout. 

“It would be helpful to see more information like the GPA, however, the in-depth grade information is very convenient. ” said high school parent,  Karen Godoy.

The problem of the missing transcript will soon be solved, however. 

“It’s coming, by the end of October and it should be customizable,” said Assistant Principal Karen Welch.

Ms. Welch taught herself how to use the entire system. She only had a single day of training on how to use the system. Fortunately, for the students, she took matters into her own hands and taught herself the rest.

“Infinite Campus in the number one national student information site,” said Welch.