Fall 2022 Homecoming


The DEHS 2022-23 Homecoming Court.

Clara Fisher, Staff Writer

Homecoming is an event for all grades and people to enjoy the night with their friends by
dancing to loud music and enjoying the great environment created by hardworking students and

Aidan Hess (11) is one of the diligent Homecoming chairs who put in the time and effort
to produce this year’s dance. He said, “The effort will be evident as some of the more complex
decor will be better.” Mrs. Wolf is the leader of Student Council and said, “The attention to detail
is excellent and working with students and seeing organization and creativity has been

The theme this year was Under the Big Top and was represented in the awesome
decorations. They made for many different places to take pictures with friends and save
memories of this great time. A new addition to the dance was the photo booth that many
students could be seen enjoying with props.

The outcome of this dedication was seen by attendants of the dance. Terry Dougherty
(12) said, “Homecoming was a great experience”. This feeling was not limited to just one
student as many others shared this sentiment.

Many times at public events people feel different than what people see on the outside.
This dance was a bittersweet moment for many seniors. Matina Stravous (12) on the outside
was dancing with friends, but on the inside was, “taking in every moment of my last
homecoming”. Nicky Burke (12) on the outside was dancing with friends but on the inside he
said he was, “laughing and smiling at myself and enjoying the moment”. Homecoming allowed
people to feel emotions inside, separate from what the world may have seen.
The dance was not the only thing that students enjoyed during homecoming week. The
Homecoming game atmosphere was fun and inviting and the football team’s victory only
solidified the feeling of excitement that many were experiencing.

The overall spirit and amount of people attending the game and dance made for a great
start to the year.