New Student Technology Assistance Center


Sydney Haefner, Staff Writer

Starting over the summer, Downingtown East High School’s new Student Technology Assistance Center, or STAC, is helping students out everyday. STAC is working hard to help students out with common technological problems and bring attention to larger issues that need to be improved or fixed.

STAC is currently helping with common problems including printing around the building, resetting passwords, and even improving wifi throughout the school. They also answer questions on Schoology, and bring attention to problems that need to be fixed. Maddie Barker (11), said, “I think STAC is really helping about because a lot of students don’t know much about technology. It is very simple to just go to STAC and ask them for help. I would definitely recommend this to a friend for those reasons.”

Since STAC is new this year, it is still growing and improving. Himani Vommi (12), the East STAC leader, said, “Considering how we’ve been running for only a month, we’ve grown so much. We are working on setting up a station in the library and we have been able to contact students. We have been posting about new things and new bugs that we’re fixing. So considering the short amount of time that we’ve been running, I would say that we are doing a good job.” Himani also said that with new freshman coming into the school, some that have never had Macbooks before, it was really useful in setting STAC up.

As time goes on and they gain more student staff, STAC plans to grow even more. Mr. Sigel said, “STAC eventually wants to assist substitutes by creating passwords that are good for a 24 hour period. So when a substitute comes in, a STAC member can meet with the sub one on one and issue them a laptop for the day that has a district password. That way, when they get to the classroom, they can interface with the projector.”

The Student Technology Assistance Center has a lot to work towards, but they look forward to seeing how much they can improve and grow.