Tribute to Mr. Pavlick

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Tribute to Mr. Pavlick

Caroline McElroy, Staff Writer

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In 2014, Mr. Pavlick, also known as “Pav”, retired from being the assistant principal of Downingtown East High School, leaving this year’s senior class the last to experience Pavlick’s legacy of the 12th man.

A Downingtown East alumni of 2014, Maura Enderlein, gave her words as to why she felt Pav was so special to Downingtown East. Maura said, “He affected everyone’s energy, and everyone respected him so much.” She vividly remembers Pav’s inspirational speeches about how the 12th man was very important to Downingtown East and the football team. He was constantly getting the students excited to be at the games and participate in cheering on the team. Even though the student section would get a little too rowdy, he calmed them down and always reminded them about the 12th man.

The student section is assigned 3-5 leaders to start chants at football games and get the crowd loud. A senior student section leader, Corey Hernandez  said, “Pav always wanted everyone to have fun and participate at school events. He wanted East to have the best student section in Pennsylvania and in his eyes we were.” In the beginning of freshman year, Corey was intrigued by Mr. Pavlick’s strong passion about the 12th man and ever since then Corey wanted to be a leader. Corey wants the underclassmen to continue the legacy of the 12th man and continue going to games and cheer on the football team.

Mrs. Welch, an assistant principal at Downingtown East, had close with relations with Mr. Pavlick. She said, “Mr. Pavlick was an excellent mentor to me and my colleague, Mrs. Whalen. We both learned from him how to be the best principal at Downingtown East.” Mr. Pavlick taught Mrs. Welch the ins and outs of being a principal, and handling the student section at football games. Mrs. Welch said, “The student section leaders this year are doing a great job.” She said that the boys control the community and bring everyone together. The 12th man is something that every student wants to be apart of at Downingtown East. She has been letting the boys speak for themselves and keep everything and everyone in tack. Mrs. Welch believes the 12th man is important because it will keep everyone together and makes the community stronger.

After the division of Downingtown High School that split into Downingtown East and Downingtown West, Mr Pavlick felt that East needed something of its own. East had been moved from Manor Ave to the top of a seclusive hill. Mascots were chosen for each of the schools, and before the Cougars had been determined administrators thought of stallions, bulldogs, or the lions. Mr. Pavlick felt the new East Cougars needed a 12th man, something to call their own. He said, “The 12th man gives the students and faculty something to be proud of, something of their own nature. The 12th man came from that.”

The 12th man brings the community together as a whole and represents what Downingtown East is. Pav reminds the future generations that the 12th man is something that every student, every administrator, every person of Downingtown East should take pride in. The 12th man is something that everyone will remember from the school.

Every person is included in being a part of the 12th man. Pav said, “Everyone in the student section is apart of you and you are a part of them. When the students stand in the crowd they can see the ghosts of past generations cheering on their team and school. Everyone has something to share from their experience in the student section.”

The class of 2018 has embraced the 12th man, and will leave Pavlick’s legacy in the hands of future generations to come.

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