Behind the Scenes of Mr. East


Colleen Reilly, Staff Writer

On February 5, the annual Mr. East competition, was held and ran by Student Council Charity board members. The show was superhero themed, and each contestant was expected to dress up as a different superhero. The contestants had a variety of talents, from singing, to dancing, to ventriloquism.

This year the show was hosted by Blake Scott (12) and Kaylie Siano (12). All contestants were seniors, and include Tyler Biggs. Eric Gallager, Matt Houseman, Austin LeMalefant, Jim Miller, Jake Moffitt, and Mike Rossati.

“Mr. East is one of the most fun events Student Council organizes every year. It is an event that I think many guys look forward to participating in once they’re seniors” said Co-president of Student Council, Alyssa Oakes.

Oakes added, “I think my favorite part is the creative range given to the boys and the girls in charge to make it truly unique and memorable each year.”

The show was run by charity board members. Charity board members are in charge of donating money to charities throughout the year, through events or donations. They had help from Student Council presidents and general assembly. Charity co-head, Simran Narang (10), said, “Being in charge of Mr. East is very exciting, yet very very nerve wracking.”

Each contestant and pair of host had to audition on December 10. Oakes said, “The auditions this year were very entertaining! I think Austin’s stands out the most; he had a lot of ideas and we had already worked with him on the pep rally this year so I think everyone really enjoyed it.”

This year the boys opened the show with a dance, to a mash-up of the most popular songs of 2015. The dance was choreographed by Olivia Hunt (10).

Hunt said, “I’m really excited about doing this for the Mr. East production, it’s a great opportunity. The contestants are all a blast and I love working with them!”

Mr. East donated all profits to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House helps provides for sick children and their families. This year the Mr. East competition raised $4,000 to the Ronald Mcdonald House. Narang said “I think it’s great that all these guys participate to help raise money for charity”.

Oakes also says “The fact that the proceeds are going to a good cause (this year it’s the Ronald McDonald house) makes it all the more special.”

The boys acted like superheros and helped children in need!